3 Ways to Make Your House a Home!

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Planning your own Grand Design, or knee deep in rubble making it happen?  Don’t forget the fun part – decorating and styling your beautiful new space. If you are a big fan of decorating your home then are 3 great ideas that will get you started:
Introduce Some Art Work

A few well-planned artworks can have a huge impact in your home. Trust your instincts when choosing art, and don’t forget to think about the style of the room you are decorating. Contemporary or vintage? Feminine or bold? Whether you add a large abstract canvas, a collection of framed prints, a vintage style poster or a combination of all three, building a collection you love is a great way to make sure your home reflects your personality.
Add a Rug 

 The best interiors are layered over time, and one constant is beautiful rugs and runners. There are wide array of rug collections which includes low maintenance natural fibres, handmade flat weaves featuring gorgeous colour pattern, tufted wool rugs and natural hides and sheepskins. Find the perfect size for your space and elevate the decor of your home!
 Choose the Right Sitting

 Planning a new kitchen is exciting – and it’s also your chance to make sure you have everything just the way you want it. If you are planning a casual seating area around a central bench or island, you will be thinking about stools.

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