Futuristically, building a sustainable Indian landscape.

Sustainability with innovative tech-enabled solutions is going to play a pivotal role in the future growth of the Real Estate industry.

The Real Estate industry in recent pandemic times had witnessed a downfall in its asset price but is discovering its feet back with concrete steps. Decent spaces for living and commercial uses are being constructed, incorporating modern aesthetics. It has significantly impacted socially and has designed public spaces and affordable housing complexes with environmentally friendly projects such as the green-certified buildings.

But, as per industry sources, it has been observed that the real estate industry accounts for upwards of 40 percent of global energy use and carbon emissions. And, to combat this health-related concern, the property sector has now consciously taken a drone-based technology to combat and reduce toxic impacts and increase resilience to environmental risks with sustainable steps such as using Internet friendly, automated construction equipment with low Sulphur diesel, particulate filters and catalyst converters; and usage of water sprays or sprinklers to control on-site construction dust from polluting the environment.

Now, new building projects by developers are designed with general purpose structures – green rooftops and vertical gardens, rainwater harvesting, sewage plant and e-waste recycling service. The mission is to provide a healthy clean sustainable life, which can be experienced by truly living in a serene ambiance oxygenated with sunshine and fresh air.

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