Metro-Line 5 To Boost Kalyan’s Real Estate

Kalyan is one of Maharashtra’s oldest and well-planned towns. It is located in Thane district and has always been regarded as one of the best places to live near Mumbai.

Recently, the Kalyan – Thane Metro just received an approval and the work looks set to begin anytime soon. This project will significantly boost the real estate prospects of Kalyan. Here’s how:

Boosting Connectivity

  • The Thane-Kalyan Metro-5 corridor will have a total of 17 stations. This will greatly boost intra-city travelling by reducing commute time.
  • It will also reduce the load on the suburban railway line, thus making the daily commute during rush hours much easier.

The Impact:

  • Time & time again, we have observed that a metro line has a positive impact on the real estate along its corridor.
  • Commercial properties gain a lot because of the improved accessibility.
  • This has been observed in metro projects all across India (Chennai, Bangalore, Jaipur, Kolkata, Delhi, Gurgaon).
  • These cities have witnessed an overwhelmingly positive change after the implementation of metro along their metro corridors.
  • The positive impact is higher for the areas closer to the metro station.
  • Land pockets near the metro stations also witness a high appreciation, especially if they’re within walking distance.

Helping Kalyan grow even faster!
Kalyan is already one of the fastest growing destinations near Mumbai. With the Metro Line 5 now approved, you can expect greater property appreciation in Kalyan.


  • The completion of Metro line 5 will definitely take a few years. Once completed, property owners in Kalyan will receive great returns!
  • So invest now!

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