Slashed interest rates and flexible offers lure home buyers this festive season

Real estate market is witnessing a sudden surge and a major share of it can be owed to banks pegging interest rates at historic lows.

From where we are looking at present, residential demand is set to revive in the coming quarters and that too at a much higher rate as compared to the pre-pandemic era. Buyers are enthusiastically venturing for home loans at lower interest rates.

Several banks are trying to draw home loan seekers in the upcoming festive season by slashing the rate of interest on home loans. Few have even reduced the interest rate by 15 basis points, bringing it down to 6.50% p.a. — the lowest rate offering. Most of these schemes involve reduced rates on all loan amounts in both fresh and balance transfer cases. Also, home loans backed by collateral will provide a cushion for lenders.

Bank interest loans have already seen a steep cut ever since the RBI reduced the repo rates to enhance liquidity in the market to counter the effect of the pandemic on the economy.

RBI’s firm assurance in maintaining the status quo is another strengthening factor of this buoyed home ownership sentiment among consumers. Industry doyens believe that the reserve bank of India will most likely not pursue any tightening measures till FY22-end.

Real estate developers, on the other hand, are coming up with several lucrative deals and offers like flexible payment plans and numerous other safe investment options.

The buyers, nowadays, also understand the benefits of buying ready to move in properties. When they opt for a move-in ready home, they only have to disburse EMIs and no other payment is required. Availing loan also becomes simpler with ready to move in properties especially when the builder is registered and holds a reputation in the market. Also, because for under construction properties a pre-EMI amount is charged that doesn’t give any principal benefits.

Therefore, the consumers are in a win-win situation and from a bird’s eye perspective, present is the best time for investors as well as home buyers to venture into property purchase.

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