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Upcoming Projects

In our efforts of always delivering world-class infrastructures, we are in the process of bringing new spaces with the perfect blend of technology and innovative design for ultimate living. Approx. Half Million sq. ft. spaces are coming up along with our 1.25 Millions sq. ft. of the ongoing projects.

The number of under construction projects in Mumbai will prove to further add value to our homebuyers’ lives in a way that all their needs and future desires will be taken into account. By perfectly keeping up with the growing trends and taking into consideration future developments, Gurukrupa Group will be presenting projects that are way beyond futuristic.

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Projects Location
Shiv Sagar Borivali(W)
Kailash Apartment Borivali(W)
Paras Nagar Kandivali(W)
Marina Enclave Towers O and P Malad(W)
Marina Enclave Towers Q and R Malad(W)

Upcoming Residential Projects in Mumbai Western Suburbs

Gurukrupa Group, a renowned name in the realm of real estate, is set to redefine the innovative lifestyle with their grand Upcoming Residential Projects in Mumbai and Mumbai Western Suburbs. In this bustling city, Gurukrupa Group has emerged as a prominent real estate player, committed to honesty and transparency in all operations. The group is currently making waves with its Upcoming Residential Projects in Mumbai, ensuring a perfect blend of innovative designs and technology for ultimate living.

The Mumbai Western Suburbs, known for their strategic location and premium infrastructure, are witnessing a surge in demand for modern living spaces. Upcoming Residential in Mumbai Western Suburbs recognizes this trend and is poised to meet the growing needs of homebuyers with their upcoming projects in the coveted region. With a vision to establish Gurukrupa Group as a premier property development organization and to expand its operations within the country and internationally, the group has become a known name in the competitive market.

The Upcoming Projects showcase a perfect synergy of architectural brilliance, highlighting the projects that are way beyond futuristic. The Upcoming Residential Projects in Mumbai include the west neighborhood of Borivali (W), Shivsagar, and Kailash Apartment, which are poised to be landmarks in this area. These projects are not merely structures; they are a testament to Gurukrupa’s vision to create spaces that resonate with the aspirations of urban dwellers.

Moving westward to Kandivali (W), Gurukrupa Group introduces Paras Nagar, a residential project that is an excellent pursuit of connectivity and serenity for those who are seeking a harmonious lifestyle. The Marina Enclave Towers O and P, as well as Towers Q and R, will soon grace the skyline of Malad (W).With meticulous attention to detail, these towers place an emphasis on the promise of building properties according to the customer’s desires. What sets Gurukrupa Group apart is their unwavering commitment to making luxury and exclusivity available at affordable prices that exceed people’s expectations. The Upcoming Residential Projects in Mumbai Western Suburbs are a testament to this commitment, where every square foot is designed to enhance the quality of life for the residents. As the real estate sector is constantly evolving, the Gurukrupa Group stands as a beacon of innovation and modernity. By embracing technology and contemporary trends, this group assures to shape the future of residential development in Mumbai as seen in the under construction projects in Mumbai by Gurukrupa Group.

Since 1994, Gurukrupa Group has believed in constructing life spaces with the right amalgamation of modernized spaces, innovative designs, and green surroundings. With the experience of 29 years, Gurukrupa has been able to develop 2 Millions sq. ft. of land for residential and commercial projects consisting of luxurious townships, shopping centers, commercial spaces, and much more.

With a portfolio that combines comfort, lavish facilities, and artistic brilliance, Upcoming Projects by Gurukrupa Group is not just about building homes; instead, it is about crafting a lifestyle that is synonymous with the spirit of modern urban living. Explore the extraordinary Upcoming Residential Projects in Mumbai by Gurukrupa Group, where both luxury and sustainability find a perfect home in the vibrant city of Mumbai.

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