Why Brand Reputation Matters While Buying A Home

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Buying a property involves a large amount of capital and time. In most cases, homebuyers put their entire life’s savings into the investment. In such a case, it crucial to wipe out even the smallest margins for error.

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Why Brand Reputation Matters While Buying A Home

In today’s world, many homebuyers are confident enough to approach a buying decision without a real estate agent thanks to real estate websites, portals and unsolicited customer review forums.

However, it is important for a homebuyer to also take the research offline in terms of finding a reputed real estate developer, as there are many of dubious repute that carry on operations under the lure of low prices and quick/easy process completion.

Here’s what a reputed developer will provide:

The Right Credentials & Clearances
Thanks to the implementation of reforms such as RERA, real estate developers now have to commit to a few added requirements like registering with the governing body, depositing 70% of project funds and displaying the carpet area instead of the super built-up area.

Reputed builders always carry out their transactions within the realm of the law and make sure customers are given clear sight of the entire proceeding.

Exactly what you paid for
Goodwill is currency in almost any business. In real estate, a developer can garner goodwill only by delivering what’s promised. Apart from the architecture and amenities, this promise also extends to all the little details in a development such electrical fittings, plumbing, tiles, spacing of the rooms.

This is the advantage of dealing with a credible developer as buyers get what they had paid for.

After Sales Service
Only reputed developers have the understanding and resources to employ a dedicated customer care team that looks after the queries of their customers even after their business has concluded. This is another major contributing factor to their goodwill and market reputation.

If you’re a homebuyer, always look for the aforementioned qualities in a developer. Research, contact, inspect and only then make your decision.

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